Local Resident Octopus Eats At Ziggy

Restaurant Name: Ziggy
Address: 195 Carlisle St, Balaclava VIC 3183
Earlier last week, Local resident Octopus ate at The Ziggy Eatery in Melbourne. Here is a photo on their way to Balaclava.
Down there is a picture of local resident Octopus, seated at Ziggy, and waiting for his chips or, fries (Depends where you live).
Up there, is a picture of Local resident Octopus’s drink (h2O), in a kid’s size ikea cup, probably purchased from ikea.
 Above is a reference of the Ziggy’s Eatery sign, in which is placed below the penalised graffiti, that local citizens have sadly erected.
Here is a once in a life time moment captured in Img_3479. It is local resident Octopus scratching his eye!!!!!! This is the most treasured moment in one’s lifetime, and here we are sharing it wth you.
Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.50.17 PM
 REFERENCE AS SHOWN ABOVE (Top plate, with less sauce)
Here is a detailed, zoomed in, screenshot_5.5290 of local resident Octopus’ finished plate of plain, lightly salted chips.
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By Slushie Spaghetti

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