Swimsuit Top Prime Minister Raises Tax To 5% Of Your Income!

Earlier today Candy Bear, Prime minster of Swimsuit Top (North of Bikini Bottom), has raised the tax in swimsuit top from 0.1%, which is already a lot, to 5% of your monthly $10000 income!


This unnecessary, big change to the tax, will now have you paying 0.0005 c per month! When it used to be 0.00001, which is still extremely pricy! 


Prime minister Candy Bear, has now been found guilty of a few crimes.

Not long ago she was lying down on blass, with her two friends, Sully James Sullivan (Before being prosecuted for farting), and me, Slushie Spaghetti. Candy Bear was talking about a pleasant robbery of the Wazowski family, and how the person who robbed it would it would surely get a medal of honour.


‘She was chatting about it for quite a while, when she suddenly started farting. She farted five times in a row and shortly after farting (five hours), she started burping, and she burped five times in a row too!’ Reports Sully James Sullivan.  

Shortly after burping me and Sully realised that Candy was wiggling a bit. For some time we thought she was just scaring of the worms, but after some long amount of time (1/1,000,000 of a second), she said she needed to go to the TOILET!


Now me and Sully were REALLY creeped out. We decided, in the end to call the police and report these stupendous crimes. But because of her status she wasn’t put into jail, though she did have to pay a small penalty of $100,000,000. 

We think she wants to use such little amount of money on else, so that is why she is making such a high price on tax.

More News to come about this!

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By Slushie Spaghetti 


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